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6 Secret Weapons Of Influence That Will Turn You Into A Master In Sales!

The psychology of persuasion  Originally published: 1984 Author: Robert Cialdini Genre: Self-help book
The Psychology Of Persuasion 

This book consists 6 secrets of salesman tips and tricks that consider as a weapon that is designed to the point that every concept can be successfully applied by you without even trying and become the major contributor to your success.

Written by Robert B. Cialdini, Professor of Psychology at Arizona State University.


People don’t like the feeling that they owe someone something, and most of the time they always have the tendency to pay back what they have owed. This is what every successful salesperson did; they offer something small for free such as free gift or favour to make you feel that way.  
This will lead to a bigger reciprocal response, which hooked you to be interested in what they are selling to you.  "In return, we gave them as well as we got"

Quick tips: How to be a good salesman in retail?

Offer them a free sample of the products you are selling, or give them a favour by sharing good information with them


If people are committed to an idea or goal, they are more likely to honour and continue that commitment on a consistency basis. Human nature to agree on something once they have agreed with it verbally or in writing, this is why almost marketer will offer their customer a tone of information and make them sign up or subscribe to any program that they are offering in return the customer will receive the benefits over time.

Quick tips: How to become a good sales representative for a company?

Offering a tripwire marketing, a low-risk paid to offer such an e-book or self-service advice that your customer can follow up which related to their interest goal.
(What is Tripwire Marketing? Ok, the term may sound a little sinister, but what it commonly means is turning a lead into a customer by making them a low-cost, relatively painless offer, then having the opportunity to upsell them once they are in your sales funnel.)


When you are not sure with your course of action you are most likely have the tendency to look to those around you to guide you or something that you can take as an example.

Think about when we are buying thing online and we are looking into one particular thing that we want to buy, do we buy the thing that has poor reviews or do we buy the thing that has an excellent costumers reviews?. No reviews will create uncertainty.

Quick tips: How to be a good seller in order to get good reviews?

1.     Open the lines of communication.
2.     Get personal.
3.     Treat each customer as an individual.
4.     Respond to concerns.
5.     Be honest.
6.     Keep your cool.


Believe or not, appearance does matter when you are trying to influence or sales something, why? People prefer to say yes and like to an attractive people, we will automatically attribute traits such as honesty, talent and intelligence to attractive people. We attracted to people who share similar views and interests and values as ourselves.

Quick tips: How to be an attractive person?

1.     Don't take yourself too seriously. You don't have to be perfect to looks attractive.
2.     Do the right thing.
3.     Live for yourself.
4.     Choose to be happy.
5.     Take care of yourself.


The more authority that you have, the more likely others will comply with you. Show the others that you know your stuff and it will create an authority that most likely the others will listen to what you told them and convinced which will make them put their trust in you.

If you want to buy something do you buy stuff from a person that wearing a flip-flop with short pants and singlet that seems like they know nothing about what they are selling or would you rather buy from someone that looks proper and appealing that provide you with every detail that you need to know?

Quick tips: How to gain the real authority?

1.     Speak with authority
2.     Demonstrate credibility
3.     Listen
4.     Value the prospect’s time
5.     Respect their view
6.     Show commitment
7.     Be genuine


The thought of losing something motivates us more than gaining something of similar values. This is why exactly any advertiser or marketer wants you to buy something at a discounted rate for a limited time only, they want you to feel that you might miss a very good bargain and therefore that feeling will motivate you to buy.

Imagine if you have a partner that very tight with their scheduled and rarely spent time with you, it will motivate you to give a high priority at that particular time that you can have with them.

To sum up, any time you want something from someone else, always consider what weapon of influence you can use.

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