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8 Amazing Website Where You Can Buy Your Favourite Book Online In Malaysia

Going out and driving to the bookstore itself is already consuming some amount of time and moreover if the book we are looking for are not available, out of stock or sold out, isn’t that a waste of energy and fuel money, whereas we can just sit in front of the computer and do all those things without going anywhere where you can buy it online in just a few minutes. I feel you my friends!

Here are some lists of online books store where you can buy your book online:- is a well know global online bookstore especially in US, you can find any books in any edition or collections, it provide almost anything in term of books availability.

Shipping/Delivery costs: Amazon’s shipping rates are quite steep with standard shipments rates costing $4.99 (~RM 20) per shipment and $4.99 (~ RM 20) per item on purchases of books. Shipping rates can easily shoot up to $29.99 (~RM 125) per shipment. Priority courier shipping and heavy and bulky shipments can cost even more.

Website Navigation: It’s quite straight forward and simple to navigate this website, it is design for user experience friendly in any ages, a huge icon menu at the top indicates the section make searching easier. Audiobook and magazine are also available on and they offering most of their popular books with a huge price slash.

One of the best online bookstores according to personal experience, available in many countries and not to mention about the books collection, they provide a wide range of book option and category.

Shipping/Delivery costs: It costs RM8 for deliveries costing less than RM300 in Malaysia. If you’re in East Malaysia (Sabah&Sarawak) it costs RM42.50 for deliveries of orders costing less than RM500.

Website Navigation: Offer the user’s guide that help shopper with their inquiries on the Help and FAQ section. A standard and simple menu bar at the top with clear section, and drop down menu column to make the search easier and user friendly. They offer a list of the week’s best sellers on the right hand mostly books written in English. The website is available in three languages and switching to another language is very easy, the new books coming covers are displayed in an attractive banner at the top.

Malaysian publishing industry, most trusted and well-known bookstores in Malaysia, it is a good place to go if you looking for a huge discount on the books. They also offers stationery and office supplies, and tools.

Shipping/Delivery costs: If you are in Malaysia the standard shipping delivery will be approximately within 3 to 5 business days. For West Malaysia (Peninsular Malaysia), shipment is free on orders above RM120 (specifically, for book items, CDs, and gift vouchers) for non-members and RM80 for members. For orders less than the stipulated amount, the company charges RM7.42 per shipment. For East Malaysia (Sabah & Sarawak), orders below RM120 for non-members and RM80 for members are charged RM12.72 per shipment and there is a handling fee of RM3.18 per book. For orders valued more than the amount stipulated, shipping is free and there is no handling fee either.

Website Navigation: Prominent search bar at the top and best-selling books, new arrivals, eBooks, upcoming books, etc. can be found by clicking on the respective tabs at the top, each book has a detailed description and users can rate and review the books.  Less in details the categories are not well defined, finding a particular book will take some times. A different online payment options are available on MPH.

This is a Malaysian based online bookstores, the website categorises the books into three main categories, English, Chinese and Malay books, each of which sub-categories of genres ranging from all variety.

Shipping, delivery and costs:  Categories into Pre-order, New-arrival, Bestseller, and Bundle to providing variety of preferences. Shipping is free in Peninsular Malaysia for orders above RM25 while shipping to West Malaysia (Sabah &Sarawak) will incur a small shipping fee.

Website Navigation:  The website has a search bar right on top that enables users to search for books via title, author or ISBN number and the website layout is simple and straight forward. Browsing is made easy with the categories listed on the homepage alongside featured books and offers. Also, the website is visually driven, with photos of book covers accompanying each listing. This gives the user a sense of browsing in an actual bookstore.

They sell books at a much cheaper rate than any other bookstore in the country due to the stock brand new books that are over-printed or over-stocked books which they can obtain in lower prices.

Shipping, delivery and costs: Shipping costs are calculated on an order-to-order basis based on the delivery address and weight or dimensions of the books in the order. Standard shipping delivery will be approximately within 3 to 5 business days.
The available payment options are credit cards, debit cards or e-banking. Members also get a 5% discount on purchases between RM50 – RM149.90 in a single receipt and a 10% discount on purchases RM150 and above in a single receipt.

Website Navigation:  Easy and Simple to navigate, User friendly, with categories cleared listed at the top of the page, from Fiction, Non-fiction, and Kid’s Corner. Each category also has sub-categories and there’s a handy search bar as well, so the site is well organised locating a book are easier.

One of the simplest looking online bookstore in Malaysia. Minimalistic make it looks neat and Customers can buy gift vouchers from the homepage and even vote on polls.

Shipping, delivery and costs: All purchases above RM300 are shipped for free in West Malaysia and all purchases above RM500 are shipped for free in East Malaysia (Sabah&Sarawak). A shipping charge of RM8 and RM40 is charged for deliveries in West and East Malaysia respectively if purchases fail to meet the minimum limit.

Website Navigation: Easy to navigate and all the important tabs are placed at the top so users can find the books that they want very easily. Bestselling books and upcoming books can be easily accessed by clicking on the tabs at the top of the homepage.
One of the problems of the website is that it has no help or FAQ section, not really convenience for first time users to do purchasing.

One of Malaysian trusted bookstore, and a students friendly bookstore, they receive a rebate and 1 Malaysia student discount card. They are also offering a good discount every once in a while. Branches are available in west and East of Malaysia. They are very responsive on their Facebook pages for any enquiries.

Shipping, delivery and costs: Local delivery order Rm 200 and above are Free, however Rm 20 will be charged if the order is below the minimum order. For oversea delivery Shipping Charge depends on the shipping location and weight of the items you can view your Shipping Charge at Checkout after you entered your Shipping Address.

Website Navigation: Easy and Simple to navigate, User friendly, with categories are clearly listed at the right side of the page. English, Chinese, Malay, Revision, Stationery, CD and Gadget/it available on the menu section, giving more user experience friendly feature for the first time users to do purchasing.

Book Depository is an online book store many people haven’t heard of in Malaysia, 
but it’s a gem. This online book store is based in the UK but delivers internationally, including Malaysia.

Shipping, delivery and costs: The site offers free international delivery. It can take up from 7 to 14 days for an order to arrive in Malaysia depending on where the book is being shipped from; delivery can take a long time.

Website Navigation: Book Depository claims to offer over nine million titles. With categories are clearly listed at the right side of the page when you search the site.  You can search the website by keywords, best sellers, ‘fast movers’, ‘book of the week’ and more.

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