Sunday, 15 April 2018

7 Reasons Why Ketogenic Doesn’t Work For Some People

So you are following a ketogenic diet? Or just getting started? Here is why most of the time people fail at their ketogenic journey:-

1.  You are trying too hard

You are pushing your body, stressing it out your body by doing something that your body doesn’t want to do.

You are trying to push your body to do the things that you want it to do but your body is not responding, you won’t listen what your body really needs.

Bear in mind human body is varied and if it works for a certain people it doesn’t mean it will work for you. Listen to your body!

2.  Doubt and lack of knowledge

 “Fat makes you Fat” that’s what everyone thinks; well if you don’t have a faith, to begin with just don’t bother doing it.

“What you think will become your reality”. The proper things to do are to make some time to do research and refer to the nutrition expert on what is the proper way to do it. Have faith!

3.  Unrealistic goal

There is a body difference, such as body frame, genetic etcetera and we cannot push our body too much from the way it has been designed to cope just because our goal is to look like the famous supermodel.

 We can't change the way our body works. That is just ridiculous!

4.  You are not in a support group

You are not inside the motivating environment where you all share the same passion.

A right Environment can actually build you and it goes a long way to help you to stick with that plan and share useful pieces of advice.

You will receive a lot of mental and psychology support that will make you keep on going without the tendency of reverting to your old habits.

5.  Poor quality of food selection

This is usually related to the budget and the way you find an alternative food to consume in order to replace the food that your body is not reacting so well with.

Boxed and packaged food with low carbs should be avoided; the problem with these things is it will only stimulate hunger and sending the wrong signal through our body and mess out with our diet plan.

6.  You let the “calories run the shows”

Calories misconception and the whole calories in and calories out.
The lower calories you eat, the lower your body downgrade your metabolism and the requirements that your body needs on a daily basis and the less weight you are going to lose.

7.  Your biological hormone

Your hormones influence your diet success, make sure you take care of your body well and that’s why the main reason you need to listen to your body.

Sleep in a right time is important for your hormone balance, don’t bring your phone into your bedroom because it will interrupt your sleeping time


If you want to be successful in your ketogenic journey, create a positive healthy behaviour while you are following a ketogenic diet and think all of these seven things and putting them into practice.

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